Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 3 at University of Phoenix.

So yesterday was week 3, we had a learning team assignment that we didn't know about because we didn't read the syllabubs. Not that we knew we had to, I mean... you wouldn't assume you had to read it after the first day, right?! Well, apparently at UoP, you should probably read it after the first day. So our learning team assignment is obviously late. But I mean, our other learning team partner wasn't at school last week, so... yeah.

Anyway, it always amazes me how quickly the class always goes by! We're working on Stress and Time Management, which is probably my favorite subject. I soak up stress like a sponge. I get all the nifty physical sicknesses and pains. We did this "stress test" and I scored a 175 which is in the middle, but I mean... a lot of things (like for example; debt) wasn't on the list. Martin scored 67 LOL! And the highest score was Calvin at 670.

We also did two presentations! Yes, not one but two. The first one was on 10 things you do to relieve stress and we were broken up into groups of 3 and one group of 2. The married couples had to break up. But I kinda liked working with the people I worked with, it was a nice change. The second presentation was on creating a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The first presentation I was nervous but not that nervous. I'm trying to talk more in class just to get use to it, cause I know I have to learn how. The second presentation, I wasn't as nervous as I was with the first one. As soon as I got up there the nervousness stopped. Which was pretty cool. And of course when I got back to my seat, I got a big hug from Martin :).

We went to get dinner at the cafe and I swear. They take forever to get you a cup of soup and a freakin bagel! I mean, come on. How do you make an entire sandwich before getting a cup of soup? It's so freakin irritating. We were waiting for about 20 minutes and we were late for class by 10 minutes. For a bagel and soup. I mean, seriously? I'll go get a freakin bagel and soup to go at Panera Bread if that's the case! Geez.

So we're down to two weeks left... I'm a bit sad. I like our class and I like our teacher. Overall, I'm really enjoying UoP :).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First day of school!

Monday was the first day of school at University of Phoenix!

Mr needed a notebook and I needed a bottle of water since I was still coughing like crazy and I didn't want to deal with uncontrollable coughs in class. So we went to get him a notebook and I grabbed a bottle of Fiji water, cough drops and Red Vines then headed to class. We weren't late at all (thank goodness). The class was small, we had a total of 9 people in our class.

Our instructor seems really nice. She's not very serious so it made the class enjoyable. We got a lot of handouts, a lot of activities to start us talking, a few discussions, and we made our "working teams". 

Thankfully, Mr and I weren't the only married couple in the class, so that was nice to know! I felt a little left out from the people who had laptops and were able to turn in that day's assignment before even leaving the room. My laptop unfortunately has to be plugged in cause the battery is faulty.

We had a 20-25 minute "dinner" break. And they have this cute little cafe downstairs. The food took forever to get ready and all we ordered was a cup of soup and a bagel! So we were a bit late coming back but we were able to finish our dinner in class, so that was nice! Since our class was so small, we were broken up to 3 to a group. The married couples obviously had to stay together.

So far, I really enjoyed the first day of class, the four hours flew right by! I had so much fun that it didn't really feel like we were in class. But we did cover a lot. The first day left me excited for the next class and excited to start at this new school. It's nice feeling like you made the right choice in choosing a school that you're new to.

So, yeah, here's to our new journey through a new college together! I'm excited :).

Monday, February 22, 2010

Eek! First day!

So today's the first day of school... I'm excited and nervous! 

My husband and I went over the syllabus yesterday (30-something pages, wow) and the first chapter reading. Which was basic things to know about college. The only thing I don't like about first days is that they make you introduce yourself! I'm really shy, so talking out loud in front of a class, even if I'm sitting in my seat and obviously no one is paying attention to me... still makes me nervous! I do need to get out of that though, especially if I'm going to be a marketing major.

The workshop last week went well. It was helpful for people who don't really know their way around websites or what to look for and as far as uploading files into a server. It was nice even for someone like me who has a lot of experience with computers and the internet because working the UoP website can be tricky! While in the workshop, you also completed your first assignment "Confessions of a College Student" and printed out the syllabus and chapter one reading. So yes, it is a good thing to go!

Well, it's time to get ready for school! Ahhhh!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Signed Up!

We signed up for University of Phoenix today!!!

The registration process went by fairly quickly, it was just getting my taxes info for my FASFA that took awhile.

But yes, we are now officially enrolled in the University of Phoenix! I'm so excited! We have orientation tomorrow and another orientation on Thursday to explain the student website a little better.

I cant wait to start class, finally! Going to get my GE done without worrying about if I'll be able to sign up for the class or not!

Checking out the school & appointment!

So my husband and I checked out the school last Tuesday. The person who was helping us was very friendly, answered all of our questions and provided us with answers that not only answered our questions but with more useful information. So all in all, the meeting went well. Very well in fact. And can I just say that I love the fact that they offer free parking (cause at my school now its $32 a semester for parking)! 

We have an appointment later today to discuss some more things and hopefully sign up for the school! I'm excited and nervous and... well even more excited!

Let you know on how it goes =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



I created this new blog to document my journey as a University of Phoenix student. I've attended CCA (California Culinary Academy) in San Francisco in 2005 but dropped out due to harassment in the classroom that the administrators obviously dont take as seriously as they tell you they do. I've attended 5 years in a community college and found it a struggle to get the classes that I needed in order to completely GE requirements as well as fit within my working schedule.

University of Phoenix isnt new to me, I've passed it on the freeway. My math teacher in high school was attending it my senior year to get her masters. But I never really thought about attending myself, not until now.

I'm looking to major in journalism. Because I love writing, and I'm good at it. I'm known for blogging really. But I see UOP doesnt offer journalism as a solid major but I'm interested in communications as well as web design. I havent decided on a major yet, if you cant tell.

Other than that, I'm 24 and I'm married. Currently unemployed and attending a community college. I did have my first visit to UOP and I'll be writing about that in my next entry :).